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Our Company President Markeith Braden

Hello! I’ve been in your shoes before. When I working in my corporate carer, I was doing work that I enjoyed, but felt like there was more to my life than the job I had. I had an earnest desire to pursue my dreams as a professional speaker and personal branding coach. I felt like I was the Best Kept Secret, with so many skills and talents within me that needed to be released into the world.

After working 10 years professionally as a healthcare executive and adjunct professor, I experienced something that I wasn’t prepared for personally, professionally or educationally. No one had ever shared with me I could potentially loose my job, and that is what exactly happen April of 2014. At that point I had a decision to make. Do I bet on myself, or lean on my formal education & get another jon in healthcare.

If you are reading this, then you know what I decided to do. However, I didn’t know how or what to do to realize my dream of becoming a sought after speaker and personal branding coach. My next steps were to identify someone who could teach me, coach me & guide me on how to make my dreams a reality. So, I invested in myself and hired coaches to teach how to build a profitable brand.

Now, after 5 years of learning, implementing, failing and getting back up, I teach the principles that helped me get here at establishing Markeith Braden & Company. My team and I are committed to helping you achieve your goal of building a brand & business that creates the life you earnestly crave.

About Markeith Braden & Company, LLC

Markeith Braden & Company, LLC is a coaching and consulting business, specializing in personal branding and digital media services.  We’ve been in business since 2014 and we’ve worked with high level business professionals, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders and non-profit organization executives since our inception.  

We leverage our commitment to our Brand Maximization Signature System to help our clients leverage their expertise and skills to create profitable expert based businesses around their passions, purpose and the impact they desire to make in the world.  

The Problem We Solve For Our Clients 

If you are like most of my clients, you are already a successful high achieving executive within your industry.  You’re committed to making a difference and impacting the lives of others outside of the work you currently do.  You are no longer interested in just your corporate career or business success, now you desire to have significance, building your own brand/ business around what your purpose and passions are.   

At this point in your life you now want to pursue:

  • Leverage your experience and expertise as a coach, consultant, speaker and thought leader.
  • Building your influence and personal brand, so you can become the “Go To” expert in your niche.  
  • Create greater impact that impacts your income, so you can live the liberated life without limits you deserve. 

Markeith Braden & Company, LLC helps you take your expertise and turn it into a profitable sustainable business that is based around your purpose and passions.  

Our clients are pursuing building a legacy that will forever be remembered. They have something special and unique to offer the world,  and want the right people to know all about what they have to offer. 

My work as a speaker, trainer, digital marketer is business and personal. The process that I take my coaching clients through is the exact process that I used to hone in on my unique abilities and take my business to now owning my own time, fulfilling my purpose and living the life they I most crave.

How We Help Our Clients

Using Our Brand Maximization Signature System, we help our client with the following:

  • Coaching out clients through a self awareness assessment to ensure clients are in alignment with purpose.
  • Helping our clients clarify their brand identity that is align with ideal avatar they plan to market too.

  • Coaching our clients through identifying their audience of 1, & conduct research of their ideal audiences pain points and struggles.

  • Helping our clients hone in on their brand messaging, so they become known for their expertise in the marketplace.

  • Helping clients create marketing strategies and systems so they get found & stay connected with their ideal clients consistently.

  • Coaching our clients through identifying products and services that meet the needs of their ideal audience.

  • Helping our clients establish their digital home base so ideal clients are able to find them online.

  • Expose our clients to the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so they can rank for the solution they provide.

How We Are Different 

Markeith Braden & Company, LLC personal branding services are different because we endeavor to take our clients through a holistic process in establishing their expert Personal Brand.   

Additionally, our clients have access to some of the best contractors in their respective fields.  We work with the best Lifestyle Photographers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Copy Writers and Stylist to pull together our clients brand campaigns.  We pay close attention to detail.  

Simply put, we get our clients results in a timely manner.  

Our Services

  • Personal Brand Strategy and Coaching  

  • Digital and Email Marketing Services

  • Keynotes and Workshops 

  • Emcee Services

  • Virtual Live Trainings 

  • Podcast Development Services

  • Voice Over Services

  • Virtual Events Producing 

  • Online Course Development

  • Business Coaching 

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We keep our word and commitments at all cost to ensure our clients are satisfied. 

  • Excellence: We will always put our best foot forward and perform at the highest level of our capacity. 
  • Connection: We provide quality time and space to our client and pay attention to detail in or to understand their vision. 

  • Faith: We believe in a higher source that guides our best decision making. 

  • Self Assurance: We desire each client to be more confident within themselves after going through any of our coaching programs.  

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