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“The future never takes care of itself; it is taken care of, shaped, molded, & colored by the present. Out today’s are what out yesterdays made them; our tomorrows must inevitably be the product of our today’s.” - Dr. Dennis Kimbro

You may have heard the term ‘generational wealth’ and thought, ‘Wow, that sounds important'. However, at the same time, you might have pushed it to the back of your mind because you have more pressing issues.

Building generational wealth from scratch isn't easy for anyone.  It is especially challenging for Black Americans., who find themselves at the bottom of the wealth ladder in America.  

For many Black Americans in the position to build wealth for the first time, guidance and resources usually don't come from previous generations. Therefore, we must rely on each other by hiring people from own communities and investing in each other's businesses.

In today’s episode, the 3rd part of my Black History Month series, I interview Charles Winfrey, President & CEO of The RollOver Co. Charles & I will discuss ways Black Americans can start building wealth for themselves and their kids today.

About Charles Winfrey

President & CEO, The Rollover Company

Charles E. Winfrey is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker & retirement Planner who has been seen on NBC, ABC, & CBS network affiliate.  As the Author of Seven Secrets to Financial Success, Rollover Mistakes Retires Make & Creator of The Abundant L.I.F.E. Wealth Process, Charles has touched tens of thousands with his financial wisdom and systems.

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