About This Episode 

Building a personal brand has never been more critical than it is today. Anyone with internet and social media access can build an audience, position themselves as an expert, and start attracting clients for their business.

Your brand distinguishes you from your competitors, helping to form a lasting impression in the mind of your audience and customers. You may struggle to build a profitable and sustainable business without a compelling personal brand that attracts your target audience.

This week I interview AJ Adams - The King of Brand Attraction. We take a different approach to the conversation of Personal Branding. In this episode, AJ shares 7 Things You Don't Need To Build A Profitable Personal Brand.

AJ helps speakers, coaches, authors, and experts 2-5x their income while reaching millions and building a massive audience of warm leads...on autopilot.

AJ has consulted and built brands for celebrities, New York Times Bestselling Authors, and $100 million brands. AJ is also an international bestselling author who has shared the stage with some of the world’s best speakers, including Les Brown and Kevin Harrington.

About AJ Adams

Just a few years ago, AJ found himself broke with less than $6 to his name and a bank account with a -$250 balance. It was in that moment that he realized he had played a passive character all his life. With nothing but a vision and indomitable spirit, AJ finally took control of his life and became the author of his epic success story.

After several years of intense struggle and multiple failed businesses, AJ finally became a successful entrepreneur.

Today, AJ is a branding and digital marketing expert. He has worked with and consulted high-end clients including multiple New York Times bestselling authors, celebrities, and 7, 8, and 9-figure brands. In addition to his business success, he is a rising social media influencer with over 100,000 followers across social media, more 29 MILLION impressions, and his content has reached in excess of 15 MILLION people worldwide.

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